Gucchi or kashmiri mashroom, Gucchi ,kashmiri mashroom

Gucchi or kashmiri mashroom

Kashmir is the land of saffron, as we all know, with the fields of Pampore bearing ever-decreasing

amounts of the precious spice garnered from the crocus flower.Gucchi is also type of treasure in kashmir.

Gucchi or Kani’ghitch, the famous Kashmiri mushroom.It is  believed to be found only on high mountain

tops but only by one who is white of heart and/or dark of skin. This kashmiri  mushrooms sell at a

rate almost at par with Gold. Eating it is almost like eating gold.

Kashmiri cooking they are usually diced and stir-fired with spices, and unlike with Gucchi and many

other mushrooms, their taste is strong enough to handle this. There is also a strange sounding dessert

made with morels cooked in syrup, and I can just about imagine how their musky, woody taste is taken to

 another dimension with sweetness. The price of Gucchi may differ on buying it depends upon the quality

and size.The Gucchi gives  a pleasant smell while cooking and a great taste .A mushroom that grows wild

in the forest during certain times that the locals collect and sell for around Rs 10,000 per kilo.

Supposed to be a delicacy.

Not only this, Gucchi or kashmiri mashroom can be rate from 15000 to 26000 in the local market.

People in Kashmir are not keen about gucchi. There could be two reasons for this. First, gucchi is

so expensive that people mostly cannot afford it. Second, Kashmiris are known to prefer mutton and

chicken,but Gucchi has its own taste and it is best.