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Gucci Wild mashroom


Finally managed to get my hands on the famous Kashmiri mushroom, known in Kashmir as ‘kani’ghitch’ and in rest of the world as ‘Gucci’, the one that is believed to be found only on high mountain tops but only by one who is white of heart and/or dark of skin.

Other Info;

The morel mushrooms sell at a rate almost at par with Gold. Eating it is almost like eating gold. I tell my father this must be the first time even he has held them. He gives me a ‘You crazy! your magaz dalmit!’ look and says,’You have had them before. When you were a kid, I bought them once from Handwara.

Benefit- Vitamin D, Protection against drug side effects, Antioxidants, Liver protection, Immune system activity.

Quality – A fine quality in Larger size.

Quantity – 350gm