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Dried Apples


The extremely tasty varieties of Dried Apples are available with us in huge quantities for our varied customers. In stylish and moisture-free packings, we offer our clients the best quality and taste

These offered Kashmiri Dried Apples are 100% natural with no added colors or preservatives. Our offered dried apples are hygienically processed under the guidance of our skilled professionals.


Dried apples are widely appreciated and acclaimed by our valuable clients for their high nutritional value and delicious taste. Furthermore, our offered dry fruits are available at leading market prices.


No added preservatives







Weight: 500 gm

Dried Apples make a great healthy light snack.
KashmirMarket assures the highest quality and are packed with natural sweetness.

These dried apples are a soft, chewy, delicious alternative to candies. These can also be packed in lunch bags or packs.
A fat-free food
Great for you
Rich source of fiber

Store in a cool, dry place.


How long dried apples last?
The shelf life is about 6 months. One can also freeze for longer storage, up to a year.

How dried apples compared to fresh?
A piece of dried fruit contains about the same amount of nutrients as the fresh fruit, but condensed in a much smaller package.
However, some of the vitamins, like the vitamin C content is significantly reduced when the fruit is dried.



Dried fruit is a great way to get the nutrients and fiber that your body needs. It’s also packed with antioxidants which can help fight free radicals in our bodies. This helps us stay healthy, strong, and young!

Our dried apples are made from 100% natural ingredients so you know they’re good for you. They have no added sugars or preservatives, making them perfect for snacking on at home or taking on the go! You can even use them as an ingredient in recipes like trail mix bars and baked goods. Try some today!

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