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Abjosh (Munakka)


Munakka, dried form of a special type of grape dried using special methods. Rich in vitamins and iron, it offers many benefits of health. Originated from Iran and Afghanistan. It is also called Abjosh.


  1. Increase overall health of the body.
  2. Controls anemia.
  3. Relieves constipation.

Quality: A good quality product.

Quantity: 400 gm.

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Munakka is a grape that has been dried in the sun. It is beneficial to the cardiovascular system and also provides relief from fatigue. It can be used as an appetizer or as a snack, but it should not be eaten alone because it contains very little water and thus does not provide much nutrition. The best way to eat munakka is by dipping them in yogurt or milk before eating them. This will make them easier to digest and they will taste better too!

As the name suggests, it is the dried form of a fruit called Munakka. This fruit is used in various dishes and drinks like tea, juice etc.

The problem with this cultivar is that it does not grow commercially due to its short shelf life.

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