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Cashew nuts (kaju) 400gms

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The cashew nuts (Kaju) is very commonly used in Indian cuisine.
Kashmir Market whole cashews have a nutty flavor and a firm texture for a rich taste. It is packed in food-safe material to have freshness for a longer period. Kashmiri Kajus are famous for their quality and freshness.

Cashews/Kajus are low in sugar and rich in fiber. They are also a good source of copper, magnesium, and manganese and helps in brain health, immunity, and bone health. Cashews are packed with potassium and other essential nutrients that prevent your scalp from shedding hair unnecessarily and promotes hair growth.


Quality- A fine quality product.

Quantity- 400gm


Quantity- 400gm


How can you tell good quality cashews?
The main feature is uniformity. They should have a uniform color, like white or light yellow. These are considered as best cashews. Followed by them are the light brown or light grey cashews.

What are the main benefits of cashews (Kajus)?
Cashews can help in preventing blood diseases and they are good for the eyes.
They are also helpful for healthier skin and hair. Many people use them for weight loss also.
Cashews also have many cancer-fighting properties.

What is the recommended amount of cashews in the daily diet?
Cashew nuts are a source of good cholesterol. The recommendation is to have 4-5 pieces of cashews in the daily diet.

What are the storage recommendations?
After opening, it must be stored in tight containers or sealed bags as otherwise, they can lose crispiness.
It is good to store them in cool temperatures for longer shelf life.

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