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Dried Apricots Khurmani Pack Of 400 Gms


Premium Dried Apricots Khurmani Pack

Khurmani (Dried Apricots)

Kashmir Market brings premium quality dried apricots from kashmir at your doorsteps.
Dried apricots are great and ideal for snacks.Dried apricots can be stored at room temperature and do not rely on electricity to maintain their quality.
Apricots are the colorful fruits rich in flavor and sweetly fragrant.

The slightly tart fruit is versatile, able to be used in a vast number of ways and recipes

WEIGHT: 400gms


Dried Apricots Khurmani

Health benefits of Apricots

• Very good source of iron and potassium and helps in hemoglobin production.
• Consumed before a meal to stimulate digestion.
• Dried apricots contain three times more potassium than bananas and contain only a trace of salt that helps to keep down blood pressure.
• Herbal medicine to cure infertility, hemorrhage and spasms. Dried Apricots must be consumed moderately by pregnant and lactating mothers.

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