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Kashmiri Almonds With Shell Kagzi Badam 800 Gms


Kashmiri Almonds With Shell Kagzi Badam

Kashmiri kagzi badams(almonds) are very easy to break and very good in protein value.

Kashmir Market brings fresh ,sweet and healthiest almonds from the farms of Kashmir valley at your doorstep!!
Kashmiri almonds known for their superiority in taste, are available in off white color encased in a soft shell that can break with ease.
These Almonds from Kashmir are pure due to the cold climate which reduces the pests & diseases during production.



Kashmiri Almonds ( Kagzi Badam )

Kashmir Market is a well-known Supplier of almonds from Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir). We offer fresh and highly nutritious walnuts that are cultivated in highly fertile and agro nutrient rich Kashmir valley.

Almond fruit is long and pubescent with tough flesh, when the fruit ripens the husk or flesh splits open, exposing the nut or stone.

Health Benefits of Kashmiri almonds :
– Very good for brain.
– It regulates cholesterol and very good for heart.
– Helps against Cancer and diabetes
– Good in pregnancy and helps in weight loss



Most of us know that nuts are a good source of protein, but it can be hard to find the time to eat them.

Almonds / Nuts are an easy way to get all of your daily nutrients, including healthy fats and proteins. Unfortunately they’re also high in calories which makes it hard for people who want to lose weight or watch their waistline.
Kashmiri mamra badam is the solution because unlike other snack foods like chips or cookies, you can eat as many as you want without worrying about counting calories!  They’re also low in sodium making them perfect for those watching their salt intake.


Are you looking for a new snack?

Kashmiri Almonds are the perfect healthy snack. They’re made from 100% pure almonds and contain no additives or preservatives. And they come in a convenient resealable bag so you can take them anywhere with ease!

Snacking is an important part of our daily lives, but it shouldn’t be unhealthy.Order your own pack of Kashmiri Almonds today!

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