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Electric blanket (single bed)


Electric under blanket are are designed with proven international technology to turn your cold night into warm comfortable .They can used bu all member of family in homes, hotels, nursing homes at everywhere.They are soft feel blankets that comes in various attractive colour and user utility size. They are safe to use allow user to set temperature, consume minimum power and last long. Heat from below is very soothing, like soaking in a tub of warm water.

Other info;

Can operate on normal 220v AC power as well as inverter/UPS.

First ever made electric blanket that can washable at home.It has heating control sensors.

Safe tested and teflon insulated heating element used.


  1. Please use it as an under blanket by evenly spreading it over the mattress without any fold. No portion of the blanket should be put under the pillow.
  2. For maximum comfort, please pre-heat the blanket bu switching it ON around 1 hour before going to bed and setting the temperature range at high/medium/low.


  1. Switch OFF before sleeping.
  2. DO not use pin to avoid damage to the heating element.
  3. Do not mishandled the blanket and avoid its frequent folding.


Weight: 1kg

Size: 2.5 width & 5 feet length (30″*60″).

Power consumption: 70watt (Single bed)

Switching: Detachable.

Warranty: 2 years manufacturing.

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