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Dry fruit Combo

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Apricot-Kashmiri Apricot (seedless) is a medium sized deciduous tree that grows best in well-drained mountainous slope soils. During the spring, it bears plenty of beautiful pinkish-white flowers that attract bees. The fruit is a drupe, consisting of a centrally located single pit surrounded by crunchy, aromatic edible flesh.

Dried apricot-Kashmir Market brings premium quality white dried apricots at your doorsteps.Dried apricots are great and ideal for snacks.You Will Surely Love the Taste of Afghani Dry Apricots.

Dried figs-Kashmir Market brings in premium quality dried figs (Anzeer)
Kashmiri Figs are majorly green and purple with an excellent taste and health value.

Weight – Apricot 200 gm
Dried apricot 300gm

Dried figs 300gm

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